Welcome to our fragrance section.  Please take a tour of our brand name products and colognes from the past that we have to offer you.

This section consists of several types of Brand name Fragrances. There are fragrances for Women, Young Girls, Men and Young Men. There are a variety of womens fragrances as well as mens fragrances and young girls and men sections.   We will be adding more to our selection as we we grow and with your request of scents.

If you have never been to one of the cologne counters at the department stores this is just a sneak peak at what we can offer you.  These products are the original scents. They are not imitations.  These are designer colognes. Occasionally we might sneak in a cologne from the past that were good sellers and great scents. 

These colognes are made from the finest ingredients.  They are selected by the designer themselves.  The creations of the product is made of the best blends to create the scent that is perfect for you.

                                        *Here is a hint when applying your colognes so they last longer.*

1. put your cologne on first
2. if you have the matching lotion put that on over it
3. and then put your matching powder on

    This is called the layer effect.
*  When adding cologne to your wrist do not rub your wrists together because that will distort the fragrance chemicals and they might not smell as good on you.*

We appreciate your feedback on this section. Our goal is to accommodate you with products that you love. Therefore, we need your feedback. It is important to us to insure we are serving you at our best. Please let us know if there are any  products you would like to see on our site that we do not offer yet and we will do our best to add the items to our website.

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